Get Paid for Getting More Men to Play More Sport

 Did you know 1:5 men die before they reach 65 and 2:5 will not reach 75?  Who’d have thought we were such a vulnerable group? A majority of these will be Dads like me and you, struggling to find the balance between work, being a parent and a healthy personal wellbeing following a cycle to inactivity. But Dads love sport and if they are helped to stay involved by giving them opportunities to ‘play the sports they love’  instead of being forced down a less unsustainable gym route, then together we can make a difference. And what better way to encourage our children too, teaching them to stay active by example. Creating a legacy that sport is for life not just until you reach your late twenties, early thirties.

I am looking for like minded, people who enjoy playing sport and would like to help with the added benefit of getting paid for playing! There is £ZERO required up front financial investment required. DADSVDADS.COM provides the management information system, methodology, tools, training and advice you need to get started. Local social media campaigns for membership and events, event communication, attendee reminders, booking and payment handing, consistent structure for your sport events and suggestions formats keeping things interesting. Therefore a reliable and sustainable method that will help increase your membership numbers efficiently and keep your sports events running smoothly and popular, making you money over the long term without taking financial risk. As DADSVDADS handle the administrative side of things,  you can focus on your day job. Then it is up to you how much you earn, normally dependant on the time you have available to get established and run your nights then expand if you want until you find your happy balance whether that be 1 or 10 events per night with other opportunities beyond.

If you are interested get in touch – c.freeman@dadsvdads.com or call Chris on 07720884603

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