Add my current match night?

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If you’d like to add in your current match night so the results appear in the DADSvDADS National Fantasy League and your own Location and Night, get in touch. See the advantages below. We provide a sustainable framework so organisers get paid for their efforts and play for free.

Start a new match night.

If you’d like to get playing again yourself and want to start a new night at a new venue, get in touch, we will provide all that you need to get started and get you involved in our National Network of DADS v DADS organisers.  We provide a sustainable framework so organisers get paid for their efforts and play for free.

DADSvDADS Sustainable Framework It's Free for you to Get Started

Play Football DADS v DADS
Create a game option for you and your players that works, EVERY week. You’ll see in some towns and cities we have 3 or 4 game options per week. How do we make it so sustainable? We do everything we can for you so you focus on finding new players and running good game nights.
  • Organisers are paid to play keeping it sustainable week to month to year.
  • Organisers join a national organiser network
  • Facebook pages provide daily engagement posts and marketing materials
  • Players get weekly engagement email and daily
  • Players are auto enrolled in the Fantasy League and added to your groups
  • Contacts and groups are managed for you
  • Game booking pages for each game for players to book onto
  • Player payments are managed for you, so you know whose coming
  • Match capacity is managed, always enough and never too may players 
  • Support with venue set up, venue help and  venues are paid for you
  • A phone app. allows you to submit results to the league after the game
  • Profit share scheme, 60% to 70% of game profits go to you.


Then contact Chris @ 07720884603

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