Suggested Cricket Rules

Our cricket matches are commonly played in an informal way that gets everyone involved. Specifics will vary depending on the size of the team between 8 and 11 a side. Normally you’d refer to the MCC Laws of Cricket, we like to add a bit of dadsvdads rules too, see below our suggestions to increase the chances of everyone bowling and everyone batting:

22 overs per team, with bonus overs see below. All players from each team bowl 2 x 5 ball overs. 11 consecutive overs are bowled from 1 end and then the remaining overs are bowled from the other end. This keeps the game time reasonable with a target of 1 hour and 15 minutes per innings.

Max number of balls in an over is 6, the first wide or no ball results in an additional ball and 1 extra run, any subsequent wide deliveries or no balls in the same over results in 3 extra runs but no additional deliveries.

Batsmen can run additional runs on a wide or no ball.

Batsmen retire at 30, any extras are added to their score.

Last man standing rules apply, so the last man can stand and bat on his own, but he can’t run 1 or 3, he must run 2 complete runs, if he doesn’t make it back for 2 they are out.

To make sure everyone bats if a team has batsmen who have not entered the middle at the end of the 22 overs the batting team qualifies for bonus overs. Each player who has not batted should take part in at least 2 overs, unless they get out of course. For example if there are 3 wickets left, 2 batsmen join the field for 2 additional overs, if one of the batsmen is out after 4 balls of the 1st bonus over then the final batsmen joins for a maximum of 6 balls. If the first 2 batsmen last the 2 overs without losing their wicket the 3rd batsmen comes in for an additional 2 overs as the last man stands, so a maximum of 4 additional overs are possible. The bowling team decides who will bowl the additional overs.

dadsvdads cricket is commonly played informally, and the rules are therefore flexible and are sometimes decided immediately before play begins.

Additionally everyone needs to keep safe, ensure you wear appropriate protective equipment at all times while playing!


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