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We know Dads struggle to give up the required 1 day per week to be involved in cricket and when you play occasionally or want to give it a try how difficult it is to be competitive enough for it to be fun.

We arrange 8 to 11 a side games at venues and times that suit you.  We organise cricket matches,ideally well in advance to guarantee venues.

Annual dadsvdads.com one off matches are a chance for families come along and enjoy the day too. Its also a great opportunity to raise money for schools. Others teams play in mini leagues with evening fixtures taking a maximum 2.5 hours per game where there is sufficient demand.

Through the summer we will set up match nights where groups of Dads from schools can come together to play a short match.

Those wanting to play must be registered as advanced members and then pay the match fee to confirm attendance. To make up the numbers, we will invite other dads from different year groups or schools to get the match on.

At dadsvdads.com we believe that sport should be for all so we welcome players with all levels of ability. We don’t provide an umpire, and we ask that players conduct themselves in a way that encourages participation and keeps it fun, in the true spirit of dadsvdads.com. You will need access to some kit for this one; stumps, pads, bats, boxes, balls, helmets etc.

More on the rules can be found here, generally we ask teams to agree any local rules before starting which then formalises into a consistent set of rules.

Have fun and Slow the Sunset on Sport!!

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