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DADS v DADS Organiser Opportunity Solent Up to £6.5k

It's with significant sadness and surprise that we must announce at very short notice that our previous match organiser for DADS v DADS games in the Solent region has left the DADS v DADS family to maximise his returns through his new initiative. It was with much trust and sense of sharing of, what we thought at the time was a common objective, to bring hard working blokes together to keep mentally and physically fitter thorugh a partnership where players, venues, organisers and DADS v DADS benefit. We wish Steve all the best with his new venture and his approach to structuring informal football in the Solent region. But with the end of every chapter a new one begins.

We are now looking for a trustworthy, honest person with a commitment to keeping people involved in football. They would join a top group of other blokes who are part of the National DADS v DADS organiser network. We'll take that person on a similar journey that Steve has taken, where he learnt from DADS v DADS to convert his previous 'Funball' initiative into a successful, sustainable, well intended local football initiative.

The person to take over may come from the existing playing community. This person may take over either in part, looking after individual games and earning as part of the partnership for running the match nights or looking after a group of match nights or even the whole portfolio of matches for the Solent region.

If interested please contact me at [email protected] or 07720884603

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