All Takeaways Are Not Equal!


We all love a takeaway, even though it’s bad for us. We’re told again and again that they’re high in salt and fat and not good for us, but when it’s Friday night, the working weeks over and you’ve finished your game and burnt some calories you can be forgiven for ordering some fish and chips. 

There’s nothing wrong with a takeaway every now and then. However, there are ways to limit the impact, as in terms of healthiness, all takeaways were not created equal. So this week we’ll look at the best of the worst, so that next time you order a takeaway you might decide to make a healthier choice.

Fish and Chips Classic and dependable Fish and Chips, surely there’s nothing wrong with such an iconic British takeaway? Sadly fish and chips are very high in salt and fat, so next time you go to the chippy consider adding baked beans or mushy peas to your order. Also, avoid the pies and thicker chips as are generally better for you because they absorb less fat, not that you get much choice.

Chinese Avoid things that have been deep-fried, such as prawn crackers and spring rolls and instead opt for the healthier options, such as soups, steamed rice instead of egg-fried and anything that isn’t in batter.

Indian, similar to Chinese avoid anything that has been deep-fried or is too creamy, such as Kormas, passandas or massala. Instead go for meals with tomato-based sauces, such as a jalfrezi and madras and pick anything that includes a side of vegetables.

Burgers and Kebabs This is going to be unpopular but the Doner Kebab is very high in fat, so if possible go for the far healthier option of the shish Kebab which uses whole cuts of meat or fish and is usually grilled. And if you normally get a burger, miss out the extra cheese, extra bacon or high-fat sauces such as mayonnaise.

Bet that’s made you hungry for that donner! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with an unhealthy takeaway every now and then, especially after a DADSVDADS games night and earned those extra calories. 

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