Play Football Without Hassle

Football PLayers Required play football

“We used to try and organise our own games but then it ended up just a few turning up and too expensive to play football, DADSvDADS games are always on!”- Matt from Coventry

Play Football Without Weekly Commitment

“Like most, what with work, family commitments etc, getting out & exercising/having fun can be hard to sort out. DADSVDADS sorts that. If you can make it you just book on and play football. It’s got me playing football again for the first time in 15 years!! Love it” – Paul from York

Play Football Without Aggressive Play

“Competing against the younger guys in competitive leagues always ended in frustration and frequently aggressive play. Dads v Dads brings together like minded people who want to play football in the right way. The Fantasy League adds a bit of extra fun competition most of us like too”- Chris from Solihull

Mixed Fitness & Ability

Play football

“We appreciate those that keep us playing football! Getting a game and helping others get a game too! We get players from all levels of ability and fitness but the organisers know how to set the teams up to make it a close match”. Mark from Hull

Building Communities

“After a few weeks you get to know people as you regularly see the same faces, the odd beer helps too. New people are joining all the time so you get to meet new people with the same challenges as us. One of Dads has now landscaped my garden for me :-)” – Craig from Stratford

Role Models

“I finally get a chance to keep active playing sport I enjoy. That means I don’t become 1 of the 8 million men in the UK classified as inactive. Organisers take some video of games too, so I can show the kids Dad does sport too, so they don’t think it’s normal to give up sport when you get older!”

Play Football