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Creating Local Football Groups to Keep People Playing Football!

DADS v DADS was set up to create sustainable local football groups, to help keep us all keep playing football, a sport we love to play. We understand the challenges of the modern day busy life and how that leads to a reduction of sport in our lives.  The DADS v DADS partnership of local game organisers, venues, players and DADSvDADS keeps games on every week, every month, every year. So together we can stay fit, stay connected with like minded people, helping us to keep our a healthier bodies and minds for longer.

We also believe we all have a responsibility to stay involved in sport, to stay physically fit, to improve our own mental health, reducing the demands on the NHS and helping our society. It also shows the right example to our kids who hopefully will become fitter adults themselves. We think it’s strange we invest so much in our kids sports and activities without thinking of the example we set, which all too frequently seem to be “Sports stops with kids”. By bringing together groups of blokes who want to keep playing, finally we have the chance to continue to play regularly with no hassle organising games, no weekly commitments, no aggressive play but still competitive enough with the National and Local DADS v DADS Fantasy Leagues.  

We understand how sharing a sporting objective with a collective effort and shared experiences build bonds that last. Our groups are helping to re-establish support networks and over time develop some lifelong friendships that help through the challenges life throws at us.

DADSvDADS.COM also provides it’s own sustainable funding model which means we don’t need to rely on Charity or Government Funding, the intention being that when the funding goes away, which it always does eventually, we don’t go away with it. It also makes sure we stay relevant for the people we serve.

Play Football Bath Location and Night Autumn 2020 Martin Gore
Play Football Lichfield Location and Night Autumn 2020 Gaz Wilson (1)
Play Football nUNEATON Location and Night Autumn 2020 Gareth Jenkins

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