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Please read and agree to the content laid out within DisclaimerPrivacy Policy and Site Terms of Use

Every person taking part in matches organised through is required to read the disclaimer and accept the terms of membership contained within. By accepting the terms of membership you are accepting that you have read and understood all of the information and risks associated with joining games organised by local game organisers. DADSvDADS.COM provides organisers of local social games with a framework that creates sustainability for organisers, players and venues.  

Participation at organised events is voluntary and takes place at facilities not owned or under the responsibility of the game organisers or a trading name of DADSVDADS LTD. If members book on additional players for a game, it is the responsibility of the individual making the booking to share the participant expectations and the additional players information under this disclaimer. New players booking their own tickets will be registered as members on receipt of the booking.

All participants must obey all instructions given by any venue. Venue's will reserve the right to terminate any activity with immediate effect if any of the staff feel that participants are
not following the venue rules and instructions.
Strictly no alcohol or non prescription drugs are to be consumed before or during any activity. If any venue staff member deem that you are under the influence of any altering substance, you will not be permitted to take part in any activities.
Threatening behaviour towards any venue staff or other visitor on site is not tolerated. Any behaviour of this sort will result in the involved member being asked to leave the site. If participants behaviour is considered as disruptive to the rest of the participants, local game organisers or DADSvDADS.COM reserve the right to cancel participants membership without refund
Participants are responsible for understanding what protective equipment is needed and for the provision of their own protective equipment for the duration of the activity.
Any equipment rented by the venue must remain on site and be returned at the end of the event. The equipment remains the property of each venue and in the event of any damage being caused to the equipment through fault of the user, the participant is liable to pay for the repair/replacement. 
Sports of any nature carries a degree of risk and accidents and injuries can happen. In agreeing to be part of local organiser games administered through's and accepting the terms within this disclaimer, the participating member acknowledges these risk and takes responsibility for their own existing injuries or health issues that may be affected by participation, in the movement of any equipment to set up for a game and agree to take part at their own discretion; DADSVDADS LTD is not liable for damage or loss to persons or property however incurred. 

Following on from the Covid 19 outbreak we formally recognise that Football and other sport contains a degree of player to player proximity that will on occasions be less than 1 meter. Sport of any nature carries a degree of risk that an illness could be passed from player to a player as a result of this proximity. Players booked onto games are responsible to ensure that they do not play if unwell by making the game organiser aware of the situation at the first opportunity based on their assessment of any risk that they may present to themselves and others. Local game organisers and DADSvDADS.COM are not responsible for the inspection and validation of the health of individuals prior to the game.  In agreeing to be part of local organiser games administered through's and accepting the terms within this disclaimer, participating players acknowledge these risk and take responsibility for their own existing health issues that may affect or be affected by participation. 

-I agree not to hold local game organisers or a trading name of DADSVDADS LTD or venue's for organised events or any of their members or trustees, liable for any injuries or illness that may occur while preparing a venue, participating in any matches and post match venue clear up or adjustment activities.

-I authorise event venue staff to select and secure medical attention including any medical transport as may be necessary as a result of injuries.

-I hereby release game organisers, DADSVDADS LTD and and of it’s employees/volunteers, from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including legal fees in case it shall become necessary to file an action arising out of performance of the work herein which is (1) for personal or bodily injury, illness or death, or for property damage, including loss of use, and (2) caused in whole or in part by negligent act or omission or that of a subcontractor, or that of anyone employed by them or for whose acts contractor or subcontractor may be liable. This indemnification and agreement shall apply in all instances whether the local game organiser or DADSVDADS LTD is made a party to the action or claim or is subsequently made a party to the action by third-party in-pleading, or is made a party to a collateral action arising in whole or in part from any of the issues emanating from the original cause of action or claim.

- I confirm I have read and agree to the content laid out within DisclaimerPrivacy Policy and Site Terms of Use