Avoid Getting Sick this Winter ? Some Tips


Each week we try and mix up the sharing of a little bit of information, fun and educational health. not too much as we know you have a lot on your plate. We’re going to focus on that annoying cold (or Covid) that will no doubt turn up at some point this winter and some ways to avoid it when it does. 

Wear some blooming tracky trousers will you! The weather is not directly responsible for making people sick. Cold causing viruses though may spread more easily in lower temperatures, there’s also evidence to suggest exposure to cold, dry air may suppress the body’s immune system. Anyway cold legs are prone to injury and worse still, seeing cold legs make your game organizers feel cold 🤣!

Exercise  strengthens the immune system too and great for the mood. Which morning feels better, the one after a game of football (with or without beer) or the one following a night in front of the TV? If you catch a cold a general rule is that if symptoms are above the neck, such as a runny nose exercise is fine, but once it moves to the chest and you’re coughing it’s better to recover at home.

Vitamin D is typically absorbed from the sun not from the TV light. So when the nights draw in and it’s dark when you go to work and dark when you leave, there’s less of a chance to absorb it. So get outside with or without the kids at the weekends when you can. The winter sun will never give you all the Vitamin D you need though, so eat foods like salmon, eggs, and cheese which have higher vitamin D content.

Wash your hands! A bit patronizing this one but it’s one of the most common ways for illness to spread. Washing your hands after touching things like office kettles, door handles, toilet flushers or anything a lot of people are going to be touching will rinse the germs away after you pick them up. Oh and try and get the kids to do the same. Good luck with that one.

Sleep and eat right. Much easier said than done and dull as dish water. But if you can convince yourself to get a healthy diet with lot’s of fruit and veg and 8 hours a night of sleep it’ll strengthen your immune system.

We do our best to keep DADSVDADS games on all year giving you chance to play. It may be cold outside but we don’t think that’s a good enough excuse to hibernate!

Join us next week for a game!

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