Beat the heat and keep playing ! Keep others playing too 👍⚽


A welcome heatwave has started this weekend which will hopefully continue into a good summer, so this week we’re looking at things to do during your exercise, so you can continue on your path to being fitter to fight whatever might come along👍, no need to worry about the heat, keep playing. 

1. Play like Jan Molby There’s nothing wrong with taking your foot off the gas for a moment if you’re struggling. Running 75 yards to chase after a hopeless ball might seem like a good way to show your commitment but it’ll take a lot out of you quickly. Be conservative with your energy, at least until that fitness level improves, just like Jan would 👍⚽🤣.

2. Controversially, limit the post match alchoholic drinks. This might sound drastic and controversial but think about reducing alcohol after the match. Despite what your mate down the pub says, beer doesn’t hydrate you and actually has the opposite effect. Same goes for coffee as well! Notice how we say ‘reduce’ not stop 🍺, we are realistic 🤣.

3. Eat post-game. 30 minutes after the game make sure you eat something, as this is the best time for recovery. Avoid meat pies and burger if you can but chocolate milkshake is actually a pretty good post match drink, as it contains a lot of protein to help rebuild muscle.

4. Clothing. Wear breathable fabric. These take moisture away from your skin so that you can cool down quicker. And for those who wear trousers all summer and shorts all winter, put on some blooming shorts, now your making us all feel hot 🤣. Although take some trousers so you can get into the stingers and get those balls back. 

5. Exercising when it’s cooler. All our DADS v DADS matches are in the evenings so that we can cater for hard working blokes generally busy in the day. The added benefit of course is it tends to be cooler in the evenings. 

Get booked on your match night(s) 👍

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