Crazy rules of childhood football ! the game we fell in love with.

Rules of childhood football

We put in place some ‘Covid Guidelines’ for our DADS v DADS games, and with the infection rates continuing to drop we should be able to reduce some of those controls in the coming weeks 👍, and yes maybe even allowing heading again, for those groups who’ve dropped heading during Covid times.

So this week we thought it would be fun to remind ourselves of the crazy rules and ways we used to play our childhood football games. It was after all where we fell in love with football.

1. The Playing Surface couldn’t have contrasted more from the immaculately groomed 11-aside pitches of the Premiere League. No longing for a 5G, our parks and street corners had their charm and we just wanted to play.

Whether it was that potentially lethal pothole that could have easily been an ankle breaker or the endless piles of dog muck that had to be avoided like a ski slalom. These venues provided the scene for some of the most competitive games of football humans have ever seen.

rules of childhood football

2. The goalposts were vital to any game of wembley doubles. Most of the time school bags formed the posts and the crossbar was deemed to be where the keeper couldn’t reach. A ‘post and in’ shot caused so much controversy that not even a Mexican referred supported by VAR could have solved it.

3. No one wanted to be in goal. Everyone wanted to be David Maradona, Zico, Pele, Shearer or David Platt. Scoring that screamer from 30 yds (or what seemed like 30 yds). Luckily in street football you could play rush keepers, where anyone could step between the sticks and make that last minute save. This inevitably caused the chaos and a potential scrap, so who was in goal then?.

4. Nothing stopped play. The ball never went out of play, no throw-ins or goal kicks and you’d keep playing until it got dark or the owner of the ball was called in for dinner or had a tantrum and took his ball home.

Playing football was brilliant as a kid wasn’t it, but something happened along the way 😲. We grew up, stopped playing with lives getting in the way. At DADSVDADS it’ our mission to encourage as many top blokes back into football, back into the game we fell in love with, with a few improvements no organisation hassle, no weekly commitment, still good games and with our partnership of PLAYERS>VENUES>ORGANISERS>DADSVDADS.


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