Dads at the School Gate

Why don’t Dads Socialise with other Dads at the School Gate?

At we have started in Sept grow our membership numbers. With enough members we will create sport events that will bring Dads together, helping to encourage school engagement as well as giving the opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of Dads.

We have found that a significant challenge is at the school gate. Dads just don’t know other Dads. Ironic of course that one service we are trying to alleviate is a barrier in itself to creating a solution! But why is that? it seems logical does it not that Dads at a school would have a lot in common, with similar socio economic backgrounds and with children and partners spending many hours at school and providing a lot of the subject content around the dining table. Each day as we drive past schools we see mums socialising with other mums, fully engaged in what is going on within the school and the lives of the children with which our own children spend all day with. Mums groups on facebook keeping each other informed about what is going on and using Wattsapp to organise the next mums social engagement.

But why not Dads? Now we have some theories, but we are really interested to know what other Dads think.

Work at Work -> Work at Home -> Sleep -> Work at Work -> Work at Home -> Sleep

Is it that Dads don’t have time for another social life? Dad’s are busy people who just spend the whole time working. Looking after the kids around the day job and simple too exhausted at the end of the day or week to have for another life in between.

Socialising is Done at Work

At work Dads spend all day with people, so why would they want to spend more time with people after work? We have forgotten there is another way? and forgotten to make time to keep our interests alive?

What are your thoughts? How can we get the message to Dads?