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Does Sport Make Us Better Dads?

Wow, it sure is tough starting a business! Kudos to you guys who have done it. So many barriers and hurdles. I found myself with a bit of a calf strain over the last week so I’ve been struggling myself to be as active as I’d like to be, so I’d found myself filling that time with more work, spending a lot of time on a PC, working through that business start up minefield! Finally then got out on Wednesday for football, pushed past the cold dark weather and the wife asking where I was going on valentines day and had a great hour of exercise and social time, playing a sport I always love playing. Thanks guys for getting out and playing with me. WAM, immediately felt so much better. Those slightly stiff legs felt wonderful and gave way to a better nights sleep, I was a better Dad to the kids and much more productive following day. Reminds me why I started this initiative and gets me back feeling motivated to helping people just like me and you who don’t get such opportunities! Another new Dad joined us on Wednesday so I was hoping he felt the same way Thursday morning too!

As the local coordinators start to grow in new areas of the UK, as well as me putting a bit more focus on Solihull and Coventry, it would be great if you can continue to share as widely as you can this initiative, sharing with friends, family and colleagues. I am attaching here an updated flier, if you guys could share by email, social media channels or simply print and pop a flyer in your place of work and ask those you share with to do the same. Perhaps we can get a few more Dads feeling like I did this Thursday!