Love Football versus Food, The Other Half, Pub, Restaurant, TV What Wins?

love football
We love football. Hope you haven’t forgotten valentines day tomorrow? When valentines night comes around, most years anyway, we have to make a choice. Stay in and keep the other half happier 🤔 or get out, get our game night in and for some make the other half even happier 🤣. This year it would have been such an easy choice, we’ve seen the other half every single day and night for the last 7 weeks, football definitely would have won if it had been given half a chance. But what about some other ‘love’ choices, what would win versus our match nights right now?

Your football match night versus a trip to the the restaurant. No easy answer here. We need answers to a few questions first before making that decision considering all those extra calories too. So whose going to be there? what food is it? how’s the beer/wine? can I at least watch a match ? DADSvDADS verdict – footie wins but a later table reservation works too, we can do both 👍.

Your football match night versus the pub with mates. Oh, right now it gets tougher. especially in lock down. If it was a one off night, the pub has to be the winner, normally you can schedule a trip to the pub on one of your other nights or better still, game of footie and then a couple of beers with the footie lads after, perfect and save another ‘pub only’ night. DADSvDADS verdict match drawn.

Your football match night versus a Saturday night in front of the TV. Under normal circumstances no one really wants to play on a Saturday night, it’s one for spending with the family, find something decent for all to watch and relax. But right now, if it was a choice between a Saturday night game or no game we’d be right there on it. DADSvDADS verdict match night wins (in Covid lock down anyway).

Your football match night versus a romantic valentines night. Tougher this one when your newly in love 🤣, we know from past experience we’ve not cancelled too many games because of valentines night 🤣 , but this year as we don’t have to make the decision, let’s say we’re going to choose a night in with the other half, just for them and make them feel special rather than play. That way we can bank it up for next year 😁👍 . DADSvDADS verdict Romantic Valentines night (until 2022).

We all love a game of football, the game itself, the fitness, the lads and something else we can’t quite put our finger on. Let’s hope we are back to playing the game we love soon.

“I fell in love with football as I was later to fall in love with women: suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it.” — Nick Hornby

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