New Year ! Together Get Fitter & Ready to Fight Whatever Comes Our Way Next !


Happy New Year everyone ! We’re hoping everyone has a great 2023!

The impact of Covid on our lives seems finally and completely behind us. Fingers crossed anyway. We certainly don’t want to go back to battling lock downs and the impact they have on our bodies and minds. But we must be careful, who knows what is around the corner that will expose our underlying personal and societal vulnerability again. We must we get prepared, but it does take some effort.   

A New Year is a great time to think about what our personal future health looks like in 5,10,15,20 years time ? 

An general ageing population (and an obese one at that) is generally something we can’t personally do too much about right now. We’ve increased the life span of unhealthier people, so a new virus is going to have an impact on the over 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Same with those with underlying conditions. But at some point we get into those age brackets too, so how do we want to arrive there?

From messages we have received and from talking with people within the DADS v DADS family we’ve collectively been taking a look hard at ourselves and thinking what does my current and future self look like?? How vulnerable will I be in 5, 10, 20,30 years time? The reality that we could actually die from a virus like this has been a big reality check,  if this had come along 15 years into the future, could it have been us too? Thankfully, however, we been given a golden opportunity to make a real change now. And by being fitter we protect others too. So what to do?

1. Make a commitment together to get fit, put your game(s) or other activities in your diary and stick to them. If we all do it we keep the games on and full, keep them more enjoyable, make our exercise enjoyable we’ll all keep doing it. If you want more game night options speak to your game organisers too.

Help others too, you won’t need to do too much. just let others know they could be playing too, it’s hard to see the immediate impact of what you do, but long term you are saving lives too.

2. Fill your weekly calendars with other stuff that doesn’t involve inactivity and proximity to the fridge. The change in the way we live has actually meant we are doing less activity, walking to the car, up work stairs, trips to shops all use calories. It’s saving time which is great, but make sure we refill that time with the right things.

If working from home remember to take time for yourself and fill that time with activity. Not more inactive time which often connects with food and drink.

3. Get out and away from the house too, if your out being busy and active, your not eating or drinking calories. Compare a day for yourself a day where you get out and do something active compared to an inactive day. It’s a double whammy of calories in and none going out. Multiply that by days, years months and it helps connect the dots as to why our bodies change so much.

So there is an opportunity right now and with the New Year upon us, the perfect timing to make those personal changes before it becomes too late or too difficult.  Let’s all club together to build a fitter future for all the lads who play our DADS v DADS games, to collectively help protect each other from becoming vulnerable in 5,10,15,20,25 years time.


Book on your 2022 match night(S) now 🤞👍


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