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Old skool managers are famous for dishing out old skool punishments. John Sitton has been videoed sacking a player on the spot after a bad game and any Neil Warnock team that lost badly would be on the end of one of his infamous rants. This week we’re looking at some of the wackiest and extreme match and training punishments/ forfeits that used to be enforced.

Wimbledon and Opera  In the 1998-1999 season Sam Hammam reportedly made his Wimbledon players sign a contract clause which meant that if the team lost by more than 5 goals the whole squad had to attend an opera and take part in an I’m a celebrity style eating challenge, where they were forced to  eat a horrible meal consisting of sheep’s testicles, brain and intestines. Luckily Wimbledon avoided this punishment, although they did come close, losing 5-1 to Arsenal in April 1999.

Leeds United- Only Fools and Horses To encourage players to work hard and give their all in training, forfeits are often handed out in training for the worst trainer of the week. In Leeds, the loser had to ditch their flash Lambo or Ferrari in favour of a £1500 Robin Reliant, which had to be driven every day to and from training. Johnny Woodgate was the first ‘Plonker of the week’ and was forced to leave his real car in the club park, so there was no cheating!

John Terry- Strip penalties Before Terry slipped in Moscow in 2008, he was the penalty king and ran his own competitions at the end of training to prove it. Each player who missed a penalty had to remove an item of clothing until some unlucky player was left standing naked at the end. Why are we not surprised John?

Neil Warnock- snow punishment These days when it snows premier players are are encouraged to wrap up warm and allowed the day off training. Neil Warnock treated his players differently. They were encouraged to train twice as hard on snow days and losing players from a training match had to stand on a goal-line naked whilst the rest of the team pelted snowballs at them! ‘Warnock said if our strikers could hit the target in matches as well as they did with their snowballs we’d have won promotion already!’.

What funny forfeits and punishments did you face at the peak of your game in grassroots football? We’d love to hear them (we think) 🤣.

Maybe we should re-introduce them at our DADS v DADS match nights?? Maybe we are a bit past that now, but let’s at least KEEP PLAYING AND KEEP OTHERS PLAYING TOO !

See you at your session(s) this week !

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