The Teams the Royal Family Support !


The Royals are ever presents at our nations major successes and failures and of course have no hesitation in showing their support for the home nations. But when it comes to club support, as the Royals are supposed to remain politically neutral, there is definitely more reluctance to share with us their allegiances.
So as we prepare to say a sad final farewell to our QEII we thought it would be interesting to have a look at who they all (allegedly) support(ed).

Queen Elisabeth II & Prince Phillip- Arsenal or West Ham ? It has long been suspected that both were closet Arsenal supporters with rumours coming out of the Palace that a majority of the Royal household leant towards the North London Club. Although there has also been suggestions of strong long term Claret connections to West Ham, particular Prince Phillip. I guess we’ll never really know.

King Charles III. Burnley?  Apparently he has a VIP Season Ticket at the club, although we suspect he has a VIP season ticket at every club in the world. His connection to Burnley comes from his time doing charity work in the area and stays consistent with the families connection with teams that play in Royal Claret. 

Prince William Prince of Wales – Aston Villa ?. No secret supporting here. A definite Aston Villa fan, attending multiple games, he became a supporter after being taken to Villa Park when he was younger. And looks like his next generation might have been influenced too 😁.

Prince Harry – Arsenal ? Harry let slip some years ago that he was an Arsenal supporter too within that royal household of Arsenal fans. We like to think of him sat next to the queen having a supporting cause in common ! 

Princess of Wales Chelsea ? During an appointment in 2015 Kate high fived a child because she supported Chelsea, admitting she supported Chelsea too. 

We don’t really care who they support do we, we just ask that they continue to be great ambassadors for all of our sports from grass roots to professional levels, just like the queen, because that is what helps us all to KEEP PLAYING, and KEEP OTHERS PLAYING TOO !

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