The Weirdest Sports in the World. Part 1


The Olympics are about to begin, so it’s that time in the 4 (or 5) year cycle when we get introduced and take an interest in some different sports and stars of those sports. And frequently we see new sports introduced to the Olympics by the committee. Around the world there are some strange and bizarre games and sports being played. So are the Olympics ready for any of these yet?

1. Chessboxing. If you want to play a relaxing game of chess while taking occasional punches to the head, this game is for you. Combine the intelligence of Stephen Hawking and the power of Anthony Joshua to outmatch your enemy over 11 alternating chess and boxing rounds. 

2. Cheese chasing. Pretty self-explanatory. competitors chase down a wheel of cheese on a hill in Gloucestershire. Unfortunately, words don’t do this sports justice so here’s a three-minute clip of the chaos.

3. Wife carrying. I know some of you will be thinking you’ve been doing this for years and are extremely proficient 🤣. Competitors carry their wife through an obstacle course. The winner gets his wife’s weight in beer, five times her weight in cash and also entry into the world championships of wife carrying in Finland!

4. Toe wrestling. Like thumb wrestling but a lot more intimate and weirder. competitors can win by pinning their opponent’s foot. Can’t see this one taking off at Dads v Dads.

If you have a passion for cheese rolling, by all means, pursue that, but we’re in favour of more popular sports here at DADSVDADS. . Share with others what we are doing and lets get more involved. It’s the summer holidays so a great time to get some more players introduced to our games and help keep the games on through the summer while getting your mates in a bit better shape 👍⚽.

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