We Can’t Wait. 9 Days to Restart Our DADSvDADS Grassroots Organised Football ⚽💪


We’re chomping at the bit now, happy at the prospect of getting playing again and getting a menu of exercise options to replace the boredom of walking, running or cycling. And it gives us a great opportunity to get fitter together again whatever our starting point. A chance to consistently get away from the food cupboards, fridge (and family 😁, for an hour at least). And a chance to make a change after the wakeup call we just had🤔.

Covid 19 has played havoc with our bodies and minds. We know at least half of us are going to come back carrying extra weight and some carrying some extra emotional baggage too. But it’s back, and not a moment too soon. /and it’s going to be great to see each other back safely and together we’ll make another start to putting things right, toward maintaining or reducing our underlying health vulnerabilities 👍⚽💪.

As the lock down has gone on it’s got harder and harder to stay motivated towards keeping fit and keeping the family fit. Anyone else find it a struggle to keep running or keep the kids running week to week without a a very short term target? The kids need to see us playing sport too, that way they will follow our example. 

It’s so much easier when we’re in a group, and with a ball to chase. Any type of ball will do almost, so tennis, football even golf, tin can, we’ll take it. We could chase a ball all day until our legs give out, but ask us to to run to the front door, no way! 

So time to make personal difference. Together let’s change what our future selves look like. Reduce that vulnerable we’re otherwise facing in 5, 10, 20,30 years time? And encourage others to do the same, we don’t mind people being out of shape, we understand that and how it happens. But should inactivity now be acceptable?

1. Make a commitment together to get fit, put your game(s) or other activities in your diary and stick to them. If we all do it we keep the games on and full, keep them more enjoyable, make our exercise enjoyable we’ll all keep doing it. If you want more game night options speak to your game organisers too and we can work something out.

Help others too, we won’t need to do too much. Just let others know they could be playing too, it’s hard to see the immediate impact of what we do, but long term we might just save a life or 2.

2. Fill your weekly calendars with other stuff that doesn’t involve inactivity and proximity to the fridge. The change in the way we live has actually meant we are doing less activity 😱; less walking to the car, less walking up stairs, less trips to shops, these all all use calories. It’s saving time which is great, but make sure we refill that time with the right things.

3. Get out and away from the house too, if your out being busy and active, your not eating or drinking calories. Compare a day for yourself a day where you get out and do something active compared to an inactive day. It’s a double whammy of calories in and none going out. Multiply that by days, years months and it helps connect the dots as to why our bodies change so much.

It really has been a painful time for everyone, you’d struggle to find anyone who’d say Covid 19 has brought a positive change, but there is an opportunity now. With chance of another wave in Autumn and god knows what else to come beyond, let’s together get ready for now and tomorrows challenges. 

Book on your match night – more games coming back weekly 🤞👍




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Don’t want to receive these e-mails then unsubscribe. And you’ll be removed as a member from DADSVDADS.