Weirdest Sports in the World Part II


This week we’re continuing with the theme of weird and crazy sports from around the globe that might make future Olympics. Here’s 4 more of them.

5. Shin kicking. Shin pads definitely not optional for this one. The ultimate test of manliness.  The ‘sport’ originated in the 17th century and is now part of the Cotswold games. Two people enter the ring and kick each other until one falls over. 

7. Quidditch. No Harry Potter, or magic unfortunately just a load of blokes playing rugby on broomsticks. Quidditch has gained in popularity and there is even a world cup contested in the U.S, that sounds familiar! Although other countries around the world now also now have their own teams too.

8. Man versus horse. This is an annual running race that takes place in Wales. Humans and horses compete over a distance of 22 miles across hilly terrain to determine who is the better species. Unfortunately for man, this years winner (and I suspect every year before it) was a horse, this time called Leo.

9. Beer can regatta. This one needs a lot of preparation work that I know some of our Dads would definitely be good at. Competitors race boats made out of empty beer cans in Darwin, Australia. A much more fun way of recycling! 

Whatever you’re into, make sure to stay active through your week and fill it with activities you enjoy 👍⚽. Help us out this week and get booked on your game to keep the match nights on through the summer holidays.

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