Are we close to restarting grassroots football games ?

When will we be restarting grassroots football?

Restarting grassroots football
DADs v DADS Football

The Covid infection rate is rapidly reducing, professional sport continues, children are returning to schools early March and we’ve still not seen any scientific evidence connecting outdoor team sports with Covid re-infections rates. And with another 6 weeks of the 2nd lockdown already done and the subsequent strain on our own mental health from not doing something which fundamentally is good for us, it’s no wonder we are again seeing more and more messages from you guys, wanting to get playing again with the restarting grassroots football. Believe us, we are with you, and regularly communicating with politicians to try and get things moving. So when can team outdoor sports be played again? how close are we now to getting out match nights back on?

Wider Outdoor Team Sports.

There was some promising news on Friday this week that outdoor sports including outdoor team sports would get prioritised quickly after children are back at schools. And after getting our hopes up, Saturday news seems to have scaled that back to more individual sports 🤔, we hope that is not the case.   

Outdoor Team Sport has to be good for you, right?

We are very hopeful that soon we will see the end of the restrictions for outdoor sports once and for all. What a crazy world we live in where playing sports is bad, staying in and eating takeaways is good and encouraged 😱 

Additional DADSvDADS Covid Guidelines?

So we are ready to go, we are keeping our Covid Risk assessments up to date and sharing them with our venues. We did a great job with our Covid controls from September and it made a difference, we know there were 3 games around the country that had players involved (without symptoms) who shortly after tested positive but ZERO subsequent infections followed those games, THANKS EVERYONE ! We honestly think Saturday and Sunday League football can learn a lot from the way we played. (Why must they continue to hug each other?) 😡

Back to Normal ?

We can’t wait to get back to our weekly normal football games, from smaller sided to our big group tournament nights. Everyone getting a game with the lads. Rest assured those involved with organising DADSvDADS football games are chomping at the bit too to get us all playing again. And we’ll keep in touch with governing bodies and local MP’s, to remind them you are here too and in need of playing to help stay fitter to fight it! Whatever it might be.  

So maybe not quite the time to start your football pre-season training ready for the Spring DADs v DADS Fantasy League but fingers crossed 🤞🤞. Maybe we are not too far away.