8 Million Inactive Men in the UK!

Inactive Men in the UK

It is no secret that as we get older it becomes more of a struggle to find time and motivation for sport. According to the BBC, 8.3 million men are inactive. For a sport loving nation that’s a very big number.

Inactive Men in the UK
Whilst we don’t mean we need to lose 5 stone and become an ultra marathon runner. Making a few changes and making some time for the sporting activity you enjoy is exactly what we need to refocus during a stressful week and also make or keep ourselves healthier.

Although our family is rightly the priority finding some time for yourself to have a bit of a laugh is important too. Football is particularly good for this. When you get stuck into a good game of football the time flies by and any problems or stresses quickly disappear. All you’re focused on is winning the game and hopefully nicking a goal or two yourself and perhaps a beer afterwards. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours with like minded people.
A football pitch also has the double benefit of being much further from the fridge and cupboard, so when we’re out playing we’re not eating too 👍😁. You don’t have to count every calorie in and out, but when we’ve exercised there is a psychological motivator too, to not just eat again and undo what you’ve just done.

 Whilst sport can never be the centre of life as we have bigger responsibilities, it can still become part of our week. Getting guys back into football, golf or any sport is the purpose of DADSVDADS.

Whilst sport can never be the centre of life as we have bigger responsibilities, it must become part of our week. And getting us all back into playing football regularly was what DADSVDADS was set up to do. KEEP PLAYING, KEEP OTHERS PLAYING TOO.

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