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Run a match night ?

Run a Match Night

Run a match night

We’re on the look out to add new locations to our DADS v DADS Family and now is the perfect time to be getting people involved to run a match night. From the 29th March football is allowed again for formally organised football games like our DADS v DADS games. So, if you have any mates around the country in towns / cities that don’t yet have a DADS v DADS, put your mates in touch. You could even be playing against them still in the Fantasy League 😁, even if you can’t be on the same pitch.

DADS v DADS main aim is to keep or get back as many of our countries top blokes playing as we can, playing the game we all love to play. We do this through our partnership network of :
Here are some of the locations we’d love to find people to help us build new groups if you know anyone?

Each week we a bit of effort in, at least by playing, we create the chance for other people just like us to keep active. We keep play a sport we enjoy, and that gives us the best chance to avoid becoming inactive around our busy lives, and to give the lads a chance to get back to playing if they had to stop for however long. We avoid become an inactive problem for society and the vulnerabilities that follow. And this is an opportunity for us to help more that the 1000 we get currently get playing each month.

And it’s not just about physical health. Together we’ve built excellent networks that over time build strong bonds, helping each other out, keeping each other entertained and over the years creating some life long friendships. By getting more involved, together we can help so many more to maintain their mental health too, without having to even talk about it 👍😁⚽.

We can get more out of the house and away from the fridge too. One of the key issues we have is the boredom of being inside and the calling from the fridge. If we are out being active playing a sport we love, not only do be burn calories we reduce the consumption of them too. And together we can help more do the same.

So, if you have any mates around the country in towns / cities that don’t yet have a DADS v DADS, put your mates in touch. Even as potential new game organisers or players, together let’s:


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